Who is Dr Masaru Emoto?

First I shall give you what the book tells us:

Dr Masaru Emoto was born in Japan and is a graduate oof the Yokohama Municipal University and the Open International University as a Doctor of Alternative Medicine. His photographs were first featured in his self published books Messages from Water 1 and 2. The Hidden Messages in Water was first published in Japan with over 400,000 copies sold internationally.

Ok, so let’s have a look at his degrees- after all, mentioning those is always an attempt to convince us of some kind of credibilty. So, what degree did he get from Yokohama Municipal University? Something in international relations. Ladies and gentlemen, we can rule out any kind of scientific credibilty now. I’m sorry international relations students, but it’s kinda true.

His phd? Bought from a university that does similar qualifications for around $500. It should also be noted that for things like alternative medicine and nutrition and similar it is incredibly easy to become a doctor. There’s someone in the states who got their pet cat (or was it a dog?) registered as a professional doctor of nutrition. Just because they’ve got dr in front of their name, doesn’t mean you should think they’ve got the experience to back it up.

So this guy has no background in science.

Please feel your dread now.


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